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Please keep guns away from lunatics like this:

Fischer accuses Democrats of painting NRA as ‘lunatics’


Not a single soul I am aware of thinks all NRA members are lunatics but I daresay it would be hard to find an NRA leader or loudmouth who isn’t unbalanced and should be kept safe from hurting himself or others.

I am more than a little perturbed by the loose talk about background checks.

When was anybody so wonderfully qualified to decide who was dangerous and who was not except for the self-selecting lunatics like Fischer?

The old Soviet Union often locked up those who objected to the depradations of the state in insane asylums.  Seemed Soviet psychiatrists determined anybody who offered resistance to the state had to be suicidal and therefore a danger to themselves and others.

There was at least some small bit of logic in that but psychological science is – ummm – different.  It is semi-democratic.  Psychologists and psychiatrists vote on what is sick and what is not.  The most obvious case is that of gays who once had a mental disease needing treatment but now are fully mentally healthy.

Science is not remotely democratic.  

Einstein’s theories of relativity seemed insane when first announced.  In later life, Einstein was objecting to quantum physics as theologically (by his standards) unsound.

Very, very touchy business determining insanity, especially since it is legal rather than medical terminology.

Best,  Terry