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Nontheistic Religions


Listed are:

   The Great Spirit

   Unitarian Universalism





For certain this isn’t comprehensive but mindless to boot.

I will ignore all or most syncretic religions and all real polytheisms. No cargo cults, no voudouin, sorry. IMO they are so obviously false that one doesn’t really need to say much about them anyway…

Man, you are sorry in more ways than one.  Has to be a man.  Even blondes aren’t that dumb unless they are men like me.

This comes from a university blog but it might as well come from the collected wisdom of Rush Limbaugh for scholarship.

From the Deism link:

Historically, many of the Founding Fathers of the United States were deists: Jefferson…

Aww, geez, Washington, and I think Adams, were Deists but Jefferson was a Unitarian.

I kinda like Deism which says there was a Creator but God takes care of God and man can damn well take care of himself.  It is one of the remaining things that still allows me to like Washington.  

Deism was obviously a handy device to be an atheist without getting hanged.

Me and my ancient bride and the dawgs sit out evenings at the edge of our landing strip waiting for John Frum to arrive in the cargo planes packed with canned spam and other good things.  Our Cargo Cult’s a heck of a lot better religion than that stupid Deism that gives you nothing.

Best,  Terry