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Five Democrats didn’t vote: Iraq War fudning and Feingold/Reid w/poll

Gosh, oh gee.  You would think that Iraq funding would be worth voting on.  You would think that Feingold/Reid would be voting on.  You would think that standing up to Dick and W would be worth voting on.

If you’re a Senator and running for President, you’d think that they would think these issues would be worth voting on.

You’d be wrong!

Move On Targets One of the Good Guys: Julia Carson (IN-10)

This pisses me off.  I mean, really pisses me off.  It’s the type of thing that gives an organization a bad name, and deservedly so.  Julia Carson’s one of the good guys on the War and Occupation of Iraq.  Period.

The Shaft: Bending Over to Compromise Sucks, Plus Good Impeachment News! w/poll

You see, I remember the last Iraq Occupation Supplemental.  I remember we’ll do it this one more time and draw the line in the sand in September.  Of course, September came and went, and we should be happy that there wasn’t any funding.  Same for October and November.  But now it’s December!