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Pure Hatred

Rebecca Hagelin recently coughed up a hairball of hatred in the Washington Times…which I spent several days trying to totally ignore while finding other things to write about.

But I just haven’t been able to let it slip away.  There is too much damage that she is advocating.  Hagelin is advocating the death of transgender children.

Not willing to accept the medical experts on the existence of transgender children, Ms. Hagelin uses her extensive background on the subject of gender (being a mother and all, I guess…and having read the Bible)…to deny the existence of transgender youth and attack their medical treatment.

It’s the latest madness in a world that has lost not only its moral bearings, but also its common sense.

No one seems to be standing up to protect the child whose parents, hearing the child’s expressed wish to “be” a different sex, whisks the child off to the doctor for “treatment.”

The “treatment” Ms. Hagelin opposes consists of delaying the puberty of children who express gender-variance through the use of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists in a completely reversible procedure to buy time for the children to sort out  their identities.

Ms. Hagelin opposes this because they may…and many do…choose to go on to change their sex to align with their gender.  Research has shown that this path has a success rate of over 95%, while the path Ms. Hagelin recommends (denying that children can be transgender or have anything done about it) has a failure rate of upwards of 40% (the suicide rate for untreated gender dysphoria).