Pure Hatred

Rebecca Hagelin recently coughed up a hairball of hatred in the Washington Times…which I spent several days trying to totally ignore while finding other things to write about.

But I just haven’t been able to let it slip away.  There is too much damage that she is advocating.  Hagelin is advocating the death of transgender children.

Not willing to accept the medical experts on the existence of transgender children, Ms. Hagelin uses her extensive background on the subject of gender (being a mother and all, I guess…and having read the Bible)…to deny the existence of transgender youth and attack their medical treatment.

It’s the latest madness in a world that has lost not only its moral bearings, but also its common sense.

No one seems to be standing up to protect the child whose parents, hearing the child’s expressed wish to “be” a different sex, whisks the child off to the doctor for “treatment.”

The “treatment” Ms. Hagelin opposes consists of delaying the puberty of children who express gender-variance through the use of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists in a completely reversible procedure to buy time for the children to sort out  their identities.

Ms. Hagelin opposes this because they may…and many do…choose to go on to change their sex to align with their gender.  Research has shown that this path has a success rate of over 95%, while the path Ms. Hagelin recommends (denying that children can be transgender or have anything done about it) has a failure rate of upwards of 40% (the suicide rate for untreated gender dysphoria).

Parents who call the child back to the physical reality of his or her body risk being labeled as unsupportive or even abusive. Indeed, one of the studies in Pediatrics (“Childhood Gender Nonconformity: A Risk Indicator for Childhood Abuse and Posttraumatic Stress in Youth”) notes the high correlation between gender “nonconformity” and the presence of abusive situations in the child’s life. While the media spin suggests that such abuse is the result of meanies who won’t accept the child’s gender-nonconforming identity, the Pediatrics article noted that the gender-nonconforming behavior may also be a “response to negative parenting.”

Yes, Ms. Hagelin.  We understand that correlation is not causation.

The she follows the last paragraph with this tripe:

The more the transgender “identity” becomes normalized in society, the more confused some foolish parents will become. If parents – suspending common sense – accept the idea that sexuality is malleable, fluid and unconnected to how our physical bodies work, how can they teach children to understand themselves?

Here Ms. Hagelin displays her ignorance by inferring that transgender as a sexuality.

But the LGBT movement – and doctors who play God – increasingly treat God-given sexual reality as irrelevant, especially when sexual feelings or one’s internal sense of “gender identity” tends in an abnormal direction.

It’s all a plot.  “Gender Identity” belongs in scare quotes because it is a figment of our imagination.

God…as expressed through Ms. Hagelin…has the final say:

More than ever, it’s vital that parents teach their children the truth about sexuality – about God’s design for sex, the gifts of our masculinity and femininity, and the blessings of self-control and purity.

Well, almost.  We are referred to God’s superior, James Dobson, in the next to last paragraph.  It seems Ms. Hagelin serves on the board of Dobson’s radio show.

The folks over at Fox News agree completely, of course.  In a recent segment of Fox & Friends (video at link), Gretchen Carlson interviewed well-known bigot Kyle Olson (a leading member of the Education Action Group, an anti-gay, anti-union terrorist cell) about changes to the Muskegon, MI sex ed program.  The program would, among other things, start talking about gay and transgender issues…with a focus on bullying…in the fifth grade.  Thereby, according to Olson, the program would infringe on the family values that discourage acknowledgement that a person can be GLBT and encourage bullying of people who claim to be GLBT.  

In the chyron under the talking head were the words Proactive Lesson Plan, Young Children Learn Transgender Issues.  That shows what they really object to.  Children might learn that transgender people exist…and have a right to do so.  Heck, transgender children might even learn that, unlike they had thought, they are not alone in the world with the thoughts that are dominating their minds.

Can’t have that.  We’d much rather have those children resort to suicide or self-mutilation.

I’m willing to bet that, as much as they declare that it’s the issue that should not be brought up around the children, in fact it is the stance on the issue that they have problems with.  I doubt they would have a problem with the dissemination of ex-gay literature.

In the words of UN High Commissioner Navi Pillay from Wednesday,

As always, people are entitled to their opinion.  They are free to disapprove of same-sex relationships, for example.  They have an absolute right to believe – and to follow in their own lives – whatever religious teachings they choose.

But that is as far as it goes.  The balance between tradition and culture, on the one hand, and universal human rights, on the other, must be struck in favour of rights.

On the upside Northwestern University professor Dr. Joel Frader wants to start a clinic for transgender children, modeling it on the Gender Management Service at Children’s Hospital Boston.

It’s a controversial topic, since opponents argue that some children who receive treatment are not born the wrong sex, but gay or lesbian, while others believe that young children should not receive irreversible treatments. Advocates argue that children who don’t receive treatment are more likely to physically harm themselves and suffer emotional and physical abuse.

Once again I think someone should remind folks that puberty delay is totally reversible…and that there is no surgery performed on the kids until they are adults.

It should be noted that there is no formal plan for such a clinic…only an idea at this stage.  One wonders why a physician would be floating an idea to treat children suffering from a disorder which doesn’t really exist according to people like Ms. Hagelin and Mr. Olson.

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    …who has been mistreated by adults is in the following clip.  It’s a worldwide phenomenon.  Fortunately the adult who has mistreated her is not her mother.

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