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Imagine it’s the year 2020

Imagine it’s election season in 2020 … you look around the economic and political and media landscape in America — and you’re asking yourself “What Happened?

VP Paul Ryan is Leading in all the Insta-Polls.

Ryan is considered a shoe-in after spearheading President Pence’s Ultimate Govt Diet Plan for the last 8 years.  Even though Ryan’s only real accomplishment was leading American Prosperity’s many market research programs.

Ryan must be credited with figuring out exactly How to Sell the Dog Food — and making it “palatable to the majority of the people”.   Afterall, the Pundit Class was stunned when Mike Pence eked out that Win in 2012 — given how he insisted on running on the GOP original slogan:  Time to Deconstruct Run-away Government.

With that surprise upset-win, which sent Obama packing, VP Paul Ryan seized the opportunity to get out of the number-crunching business, and move into the world of high-octane Messaging …

Who knew that an Ultra-Conservative — turned Marketing Guru — could actually become the “Leader of the Free-Market World“?

The 2020 Polls are ticking …

The Future

A burn mark on the repurp chair, worn fabric at it’s junction points, the soft sound of fingers tapping on an iboard, each wall of the small pyramidal room is lit up in vapors of light.

South – Red

East – Green

North – Blue

West – Gold

It is raining outside, the sound of it bouncing off the thin walled structure is reassuring,  a small man moves positions on the repurp chair.  He has not noticed Eddi.  Silently Eddi moves her eyes around to examine the content streaming seemingly backwards across the walls.  Maps, Charts, Philosophy, Medical Reports, Robot System Requests, Rental Agreements, Ancient Calendars, behind all of that, in another layer almost out of view and on all four screens is a grainy image of a young woman.

The man is standing behind Eddi, he has something sharp pressed against her left ear.