Imagine it’s the year 2020

Imagine it’s election season in 2020 … you look around the economic and political and media landscape in America — and you’re asking yourself “What Happened?

VP Paul Ryan is Leading in all the Insta-Polls.

Ryan is considered a shoe-in after spearheading President Pence’s Ultimate Govt Diet Plan for the last 8 years.  Even though Ryan’s only real accomplishment was leading American Prosperity’s many market research programs.

Ryan must be credited with figuring out exactly How to Sell the Dog Food — and making it “palatable to the majority of the people”.   Afterall, the Pundit Class was stunned when Mike Pence eked out that Win in 2012 — given how he insisted on running on the GOP original slogan:  Time to Deconstruct Run-away Government.

With that surprise upset-win, which sent Obama packing, VP Paul Ryan seized the opportunity to get out of the number-crunching business, and move into the world of high-octane Messaging …

Who knew that an Ultra-Conservative — turned Marketing Guru — could actually become the “Leader of the Free-Market World“?

The 2020 Polls are ticking …

In the rarefied air of 2020 Agenda Sciences, it’s obvious that the 2012 GOTP/Tea Party was terrible at branding and messaging — their saving grace:

The 2012 Democratic Partywas even worse!

Of course, it was hard to blame the Dems for being demoralized, given the perpetual Gridlock since 2010 2008, the perpetual witch-hunt since Boehner took over the House, and the perpetual deteriorating of those cherished Middle Class ‘legacy’ opportunities — given those first two items.

And well, the Dems 2012 re-election theme: “This Time WE WILL Restore the American Dream!”

… well it kind of speaks for itself.   And Hello President Michael Pence!

BTW, Very smart move Mike, passing over Palin and all those other “fringey” Tea Partiers, when you picked Paul Ryan for VP;  considering how riled up the Chronically Unemployed demographic really was at the time — Because even THEY preferred facade of Conservative Competence, over that constant barrage of the Righteous Rage of the Right!

Afterall someone in Govt, has to keep those Subsistence Food Lines running.  No one wants to relive those Dark days of “Starvation in the Streets” — those type of images can lead to citizen uprisings.  As the Breaking News Media teams, quickly discovered, back in that blight year of 2011.

And No One Wants That … Better to let sleeping giants, sleep;  Better to coerce the Politically Apathetic Demo, with those bi-annual Ad Campaigns of Fear.  Fear Works.  And Fear keeps ’em Working too, as we all discovered, during the fallout years of the Great Bush-Obama Recession.

Afterall, given the new landscape of Deep Pockets campaigning (courtesy of the “Citizens United” decision) — What other choice does a prospective Candidate have?  … actually Telling the Truth?   Haah!   like that would work!

Slogans Sell … and Policy Smells.

With the great civics-dumbing-down of America — and the “free-market leveling” of the Corporate Media — Who has time for delving into the ‘nuts and bolts’ of actual Government Policy and Legislation?   That has become an ancient art-form, rarely practiced these days.   Those are issues, mostly of concerned to those Academic Elites, in their padded Ivory ‘Think Tanks’.

Good thing those of us in the Employed Class can now mostly Telecommute, and speak out in Insta-Poll, and E-Vote if we need to, here in the year 2020 — because we all know when you venture out into the Crumbling Mean Streets these days, you’re taking your life in your hands.  It’s a War Zone out there — literally.  Don’t forget your EZ-Pass, if you want to get into your favorite Food Outlet chain — with a minimum of fuss.  Oh and Don’t venture off the guarded scanner-routers — those Xe Cops can only cover so much territory!  They’re only human, afterall!   (at least until they work out those nasty little bugs, in those robot road monitors, lol.)

Who knew the Ultimate Govt Diet Plan — would lead to such Real Cost-Saving Results! … when it first went into effect, way back in January 2013 ???

And WHO has to time to ‘Deconstruct’ all that Recent History — afterall there’s another Exciting Election at hand — the Past is the Past, and the one thing for sure, that Ex-President Obama taught us — NOW is always the time for Looking Forward!

Oh that’s a Timeless Lesson, isn’t it?

Oh wait, Candidate Ryan is on the Tube, about to announce his ‘short list’ of VP Possibilities — gotta run.  See Ya, on the flip side!K?

===== [Screen Fade back to Year 2010] ========

That is one “possible future” projecting ahead a decade … one that keeps me from sleeping soundly at nites!

It’s much closer, than most realize, I fear.

There’s still time to Turn the Tide against perpetual Gridlockand effect Real Change.

But that Time is running out.  And the much of the writing is already appearing on that proverbial wall.

Democrats are Key players on the Stage the 2010 Stage — But they MUST Stand up and Fight, for what they believe in.

Dems must MUST Stand up and Fight for what’s Right!

You too, as a mere Voter, have a Key Roll to play, too.  This is a Helluva a bad time to lodge a ‘Protest Vote’!    Elections matter.  Elections steer the course of History.

The current 2010 Election matters too.  BIG TIME!   If we don’t somehow manage to Stop Boehner from Taking Over the House, well the rest may Already be History?

Time will tell.  The 2010 Polls are ticking

We are the “prime movers” in our own “time and space” — Get Active. Get Involved.  Take it seriously.

Shape the Future … which is already in progress …

Only YOU — can prevent scary, Alternate Futures!

===== [End of PSA from the year 2020] ========

Thank you.


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    • jamess on September 24, 2010 at 21:08

    Or the People will, Fall for anything!

    Sorry for the poor Quality twas the only version I could find

    John Mellencamp “You’ve Got To Stand For Somethin” drum cover

    qualifies as citizen action, I suppose, lol

    Melloncamp speaks the plain truth

    Rain on the Scarecrow


    Happy Future Trails, to you …

    • Edger on September 25, 2010 at 01:48

    they’ll be worth voting for.

    Until they do, it’s helluva bad time to toss principles aside and vote only out of fear.  

  1. another vision of the breakdown of the political system in the near-to-medium-term:

    In the subway, there’s no longer any trace of the screen of embarrassment that normally impedes the gestures of the passengers. Strangers make conversation without making passes. A band of comrades conferring on a street corner. Much larger assemblies on the boulevards, absorbed in discussions. Surprise attacks mounted in city after city, day after day. A new military barracks has been sacked and burned to the ground. The evicted residents of a building have stopped negotiating with the mayor’s office; they settle in.  A company manager is inspired to blow away a handful of his colleagues in the middle of a meeting. There’s been a leak of files containing the personal addresses of all the cops, together with those of prison officials, causing an unprecedented wave of sudden relocations.

    We carry our surplus goods into the old village bar and grocery store, and take what we lack. Some of us stay long enough to discuss the general situation and figure out the hardware we need for the machine shop. The radio keeps the insurgents informed of the retreat of the government forces. A rocket has just breached a wall of the Clairvaux prison. Impossible to say if it has been months or years since the “events” began. And the prime minister seems very alone in his appeals for calm.

  2. I will not argue with William.

    Events always play themselves out……unfortunately……

    as we react like billiard balls struck by an invisible


    The way I see “it”, “it’s” about the nation, the national culture, an uplifting vision……that must reassert its

    connection with the great humanist tradition and drive it forward.

    Looking at the foreground alone is useless. The foreground is inside the background. We need an intellectual and spiritual Renaissance. We need to plumb the depths of the human soul and reclaim the heart.

    As far as the Republicans and Democrats are concerned, Dante would place them both in the Inferno, two faces of the same horrible beast. Strangely however, the people are looking down at them frightened, not knowing that they can simply ignore them and leave.

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