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I find it more plausible that the Senate will re-introduce slavery.

Armando warmed over some leftovers from prior to when he (and Eric Holder) went into a coma in early 2006 and missed the news over the next five and one half years concerning a couple of elections solidly entrenching the status quo on executive fiat, secrecy, and hardened criminality, the mugging of democracy by the Fed-backed gambling addicts, gajillion dollar bailouts and banks (still not) saved, society sacrificed, sovereign debt blowouts, some thing-a-ma-bobs about the extrajudicial dusting of Americans and suspending the Constitution (again!) for the sake of Battlefield America, etc., you get the idea.  He begins (bold mine):

An age old question for a progressive site like Daily Kos, one committed to advancing progressive values within the electoral system, has been embodied in what many of us thought could be a definitive ethos (Big Lebowski reference): “More and better Democrats.”

He then cites two political physicists discussing gravity and space-time curvature.  I only slightly re-arranged their equation and came up with a slightly different solution to achieve political escape velocity (Pve):

Pve = (2unipartiesGullibleMorons/really???)1/2

Where B (not shown) = universal constant of bullshit = shit is fucked up and bullshit

Also, neat graphic!