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trifecta (boxed)!

Here’s what Lord Black (econ PhD & virtually universally well-liked blogger, quoted even by Kthultu) said:

Grow the damn economy and the deficit disappears. The end.

I merely add this observation to “Armando, you ignorant slut,” and “booman’s Christmas ass-kicking,” in order to drive home my point, that not all things are that simple, are they?  Nor should they be to liberals, in particular, the devotees to reality and reason.  These spiraling crises (resources, energy, & econ) are systemic.  So, quit acting like fools.  I always imagined you as smarter, but yer failin’ big.  Republican Big.

I honestly recommend Sir Stirling as a starting point for your madness.  It will help maintain your Earth’s orbit, at least.

Armando, you ignorant slut.

Look, I’ve made my foolish fondness for Armando known previously.  Dude is smart and can slug, body punches when he deems it appropriate.  I always liked him, even when he’s wrong.  What in hell does he think austerity is all about?  I refer him to Stirling Newberry.  Get your shit together buddy, you’re in a New World. As politically astute as you are?  That’s olden-times.  You’re in a New World of carrying capacity.  Change everything you are.

As much as I like you, get with it, Armando.

I find it more plausible that the Senate will re-introduce slavery.

Armando warmed over some leftovers from prior to when he (and Eric Holder) went into a coma in early 2006 and missed the news over the next five and one half years concerning a couple of elections solidly entrenching the status quo on executive fiat, secrecy, and hardened criminality, the mugging of democracy by the Fed-backed gambling addicts, gajillion dollar bailouts and banks (still not) saved, society sacrificed, sovereign debt blowouts, some thing-a-ma-bobs about the extrajudicial dusting of Americans and suspending the Constitution (again!) for the sake of Battlefield America, etc., you get the idea.  He begins (bold mine):

An age old question for a progressive site like Daily Kos, one committed to advancing progressive values within the electoral system, has been embodied in what many of us thought could be a definitive ethos (Big Lebowski reference): “More and better Democrats.”

He then cites two political physicists discussing gravity and space-time curvature.  I only slightly re-arranged their equation and came up with a slightly different solution to achieve political escape velocity (Pve):

Pve = (2unipartiesGullibleMorons/really???)1/2

Where B (not shown) = universal constant of bullshit = shit is fucked up and bullshit

Also, neat graphic!

Obama clinches Armando on Afghanistan

Armando “believes:”

This is the highlight of the speech. And it clinches my support for the President’s policy. Some believe that an effective strategy can be carried out without the military commitment. I do not share that view. Like the President, I belive the military component is critical. But it is important that the Obama Administration understand that it is not enough. And it is imperative that the PAKISTAN situation be addressed adequately. Indeed, the Afghanistan situation can never be successfully addressed without the adequate implementation of a Pakistan strategy that can work.

Nowhere does he address the basis for his beliefs about Pakistan.  Loose nukes?  One might guess, based on Armando’s innuendoes about the border region.  seriously, second-hand innuendoes are worse than first-hand innuendoes.

Your arguments pro-Obama-re-Afghanistan are so sloppy as to not elicit serious refutation.  Let me send your portrait to sadlyno.com, and maybe they could photoshop you into some appropriate period costume.

Your current argument is quite beneath you, I hope you realize.  Go Gators!

Oh, here’s his argument, such as it is: