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Quake Kills 12,000 In China; Military Hoards Foreign Aid in Burma

The magnitude of this disaster is overwhelming. I cannot even begin to imagine the suffering that is taking place as I type this.

NPR Correspondent Andrea Hsu reporting from Beichuan County, China: http://www.npr.org/blogs/chengdu/

This video was shot as the quake was happening:

New Look for FinishtheJobFund.org

Just a quick note,

Commonscribe pointed out FinishtheJobFund.org a while back as being a reputable place to send donations.  They are directly assisting the rebuilding in Mississippi.  

At the time I took the opportunity to email the program and give them some advice on their website.  It looks like they took the advice to heart because their redesigned site is exactly what I had envisioned.  Photos, testimonials, background information, all the things a donor wants to see in order to feel like they are a part of the effort.

So if anyone has a buck or two kicking around their wallets…consider putting it in a place that will have a real impact on people tomorrow.  Thanks!  

An Interview with commonscribe Before Heading for Mississippi to Help Rebuild

Recently commonscribe posted a simple plea entitled: 14,000 in FEMA trailers on the Gulf. Finish The Job. That post sparked some ideas that are worthy of discussion for the entire group,  it also sparked the following interview:

(discussion follows interview)

This will be commonscribe’s third visit to help rebuild homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina so who better to ask about what is needed than one of our own?

NLOB:   Why did you get involved?

commonscribe:   It was more productive than screaming at the TV. Seriously.