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Just a quick note,

Commonscribe pointed out a while back as being a reputable place to send donations.  They are directly assisting the rebuilding in Mississippi.  

At the time I took the opportunity to email the program and give them some advice on their website.  It looks like they took the advice to heart because their redesigned site is exactly what I had envisioned.  Photos, testimonials, background information, all the things a donor wants to see in order to feel like they are a part of the effort.

So if anyone has a buck or two kicking around their wallets…consider putting it in a place that will have a real impact on people tomorrow.  Thanks!  


  1. we are now on another 7 blog indexes and 5 search engines/directories.  

    I dropped the “Visit Docudharma for More!” tag on our Feedburner news feeds and upped the output to 600 characters which is about 1 paragraph or so.  This makes for a much cleaner look and people will click on the links to follow the story without having to be told to do so.

    On the News Site I made there are 6 links pointing to the Dharmazine, they won’t be pulling in much traffic until that site gets a chance to be promoted though.

    I just checked to see how many references to there were on Google, and there were only about 60.  That’s very low so any links you can put up will help them gain some momentum, just like PBWH.  All it takes is a little push from us, then the netroots will take over. I’m covering the basic search engines for them but you can add a link to your blogrolls or just post about them please.

    Pico had some very good ideas regarding, marrying information into Docudharma that people would find helpful.  In order to help us with this concept please add the tag “how to” to any diary that describes how to do something.  This could add some function to our site and bring in new readers as well.  It will also make for an interesting widget that people could plug into their own sites.

    I’m off to do some more submissions.  Thanks.


  2. for both us and finishthejobfund

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