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Eyes Glaze Over

Eyes generally glaze over when I start talking about the politics of the Debt Ceiling but sometimes I can’t help myself.

Like this morning, in my Curves workout, I mentioned to a woman next to me: I am so sick and tired of the Debt Ceiling theatrics.  

Debt Ceiling?

and I explain quickly what I understand is going on – or don’t understand as it is murky.  Though I believe the fix is in and all of this is just kabuki to cut SS, Medicaid and Medicare.  

And as usual, her eyes glazed over.  I don’t watch much tv.  I don’t have time.  Now my daughter has to go to school every day for her ADD and dyslexia.  I can’t get involved in this government stuff.

Oh – I’m sorry.  What happened?

And she goes on to explain that her daughter needs help because of ADD and dyslexia.  So she drives her to Rush Hospital every day for treatment.  

Luckily I am a stay at home mom.

You guys must have good insurance.  Good for you.

Well, our kids have the Illinois State Plan.  It’s up in November but we’ll see what happens.  I’m sure it’ll be extended.

Drum Roll:  yeah, you make sure you continue to stay uninvolved with “government stuff.”  And you know what else – I’m getting tired of fighting other peoples’ battles.  

She’ll probably vote for Obama –

We are, as they say, doomed.