Eyes Glaze Over

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Eyes generally glaze over when I start talking about the politics of the Debt Ceiling but sometimes I can’t help myself.

Like this morning, in my Curves workout, I mentioned to a woman next to me: I am so sick and tired of the Debt Ceiling theatrics.  

Debt Ceiling?

and I explain quickly what I understand is going on – or don’t understand as it is murky.  Though I believe the fix is in and all of this is just kabuki to cut SS, Medicaid and Medicare.  

And as usual, her eyes glazed over.  I don’t watch much tv.  I don’t have time.  Now my daughter has to go to school every day for her ADD and dyslexia.  I can’t get involved in this government stuff.

Oh – I’m sorry.  What happened?

And she goes on to explain that her daughter needs help because of ADD and dyslexia.  So she drives her to Rush Hospital every day for treatment.  

Luckily I am a stay at home mom.

You guys must have good insurance.  Good for you.

Well, our kids have the Illinois State Plan.  It’s up in November but we’ll see what happens.  I’m sure it’ll be extended.

Drum Roll:  yeah, you make sure you continue to stay uninvolved with “government stuff.”  And you know what else – I’m getting tired of fighting other peoples’ battles.  

She’ll probably vote for Obama –

We are, as they say, doomed.



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  1. I hear you.  

    I have been harping on the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid issue for well over a year now.  A “Search” will prove that.  It seems all the alerts in the world don’t help and for those that are “disengaged” altogether and assume that life will somehow go on as usual, all you can do is take a deep breath and hope that the “ignorance” will magically get better, or, as you or they say, “we are doomed.”  Truly!

  2. Albert F’ing Einstein had dyslexia–no one hospitalized or drugged him.

    Dyslexics do need more care at school, and they’re unwilling to do that because of funding.

    As for ADD–that’s a load of crap to put kids on unneeded drugs instead of removing candy & soda from schools, and giving them proper exercise / nutrition.  

  3. Health Care farce, another puppet show for the American people, brought to you by the dedicated (to themselves) reprobates in Congress and the White House

    who with slight of hand pull all sorts of shit out of their hats or assholes, whichever is more deceptive, in order to pull the chairs out from under the unsuspecting

    audience while pulling wool over their eyes.

    “They” are moving fast and furious (while the gettin is good) to redefine the “Social Contract” that was born  between the mid 1930’s and 1960’s. Clearly now, the PEOPLE

    are no longer sovereign, with the charade of representative government doing its best to feign democracy. Meanwhile, a government of the banks, by the banks and for the banks is rewriting the “Contract”, carefully removing “Social” from its name.

    To be honest, I didn’t expect Medicare & Social Security to be targeted this soon, but “they’re” pulling no punches in order to protect the prerogative of class, the essence of Anglo American politics. And the people are mesmerized and rendered passive by distraction and sophistry unparalleled in the history of educated people.

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