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We came, we saw, he died.

Hillary the Tittering Medusa:

Plumb the icy depths of numbed, unmindful unfeeling, how she skips across the surface, slapping the cold waves before seeing herself and sinking.

Lie To Me

Barack Obama recently issued an executive order imposing a wave of sanctions against Libya, not only freezing Libyan assets, but barring Americans from having business dealings with Libyan banks.

So raise your hand if you knew that the United States has been extending billions of dollars in aid to Qaddafi and to the Central Bank of Libya, through a Libyan-owned subsidiary bank operating out of Bahrain. And raise your hand if you knew that, just a week or so after Obama’s executive order, the U.S. Treasury Department quietly issued an order exempting this and other Libyan-owned banks to continue operating without sanction.

More: Why is the Fed Bailing Out Qaddafi?, Matt Taibbi, April 01, 2011