We came, we saw, he died.

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Hillary the Tittering Medusa:

Plumb the icy depths of numbed, unmindful unfeeling, how she skips across the surface, slapping the cold waves before seeing herself and sinking.

Responsibility 2 Plunder!

“NATO has bombed Libya back to the Stone Age.”

Think about the following assertions:

[Former MI5 agent] Machon says even though Gaddafi was an odious dictator and a thorn in the side of Western countries for three decades, for the majority of Libyans their quality of life was perfectly fine.

“They’ve had free education, free health, they could study abroad. When they got married they got a certain amount of money. So they were rather the envy of many other citizens of African countries. Now, of course, since NATO’s humanitarian intervention the infrastructure of their country has been bombed back to the Stone Age. They will not have the same quality of life. Women probably will not have the same degree of emancipation under any new transitional government. The national wealth is probably going to be siphoned off by Western corporations. Perhaps the standard of living in Libya might have been slightly higher than it perhaps is now in America and the UK with the recession,” she said.

What makes more sense? An odious dictator who provides an excellent quality of life for (most of) his citizens or an oil-rich, decades-long thorn in the side of western corporations who is, therefore, “an odious dictator” requiring removal on “humanitarian” grounds?

It’s pretty clear that the reason Hillary Clinton openly wantsed to capture or kill Kill! Kill! Kill! Gaddafi/Qaddafi is because Western corporations could not tolerate average Libyans enjoying the wealth rightfully belonging to Western corporations, and nothing, not even scorched-earth sociopathy will satisfy their impulses to set things right.

The illegal assassinations are disturbing enough, but Democratic partisans cheering the outcome on behalf of Obama, e.g.,

Obama 1, Reagan 0

Obama 1, Bush 0

makes me think far too many of you have been robbed of your reason by the vilest propagandists.

Senator Lindsey Graham: There’s money to be made.

One of the problems I have with “leading from behind” is that when a day like this comes, we don’t have the infrastructure in place that we could have. I’m glad it ended the way it did. It took longer than it should have. If we could have kept American air power in the fight it would have been over quicker. Sixty-thousand Libyans have been wounded, 3,000 maimed, 25,000 killed. Let’s get in on the ground. There is a lot of money to be made in the future in Libya. Lot of oil to be produced. Let’s get on the ground and help the Libyan people establish a democracy and a functioning economy based on free market principles.

Free market principles.

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