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Original v. Cover — #64 in a Series

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This week’s selection was written by Robert Allen, with lyrics by Al Stillman and became a major hit in 1957.  In fact, the song was listed on Billboard’s “Most Played By Jockeys” survey for the performer who has sold more than 350 million records during his lengthy and highly successful career.  The song was also received the Grammy Hall of Fame award in 1998.  The song first appeared on the Billboard Top 40 charts on September 16, 1957, remained on the charts for 22 weeks and peaked at #1.  The “B”-side was one of three Top Ten hits in 1957, peaking at #9.  

After last week’s somewhat gloomy leadup to St. Valentine’s Day, this song conveys a sense of cautious hope, suggesting to the recipient of the song that love is entirely possible, along with a reminder that  matters of the heart, like life itself, always include an element of risk.