Tag: Good Morning and Welcome to Docudharma 2.0

Good Morning and Welcome to Docudharma 2.0

I imagine many of you have been wondering what’s been happening and who was going to take the reins from buhdydharma. Wonder no longer. It’s me.

I’ll have help since managing two web sites is quite time consuming and I have a three dimensional life that demands attention once in a while. I’ll be pretty much in the background, relying on all the wonderful diaries that you write.

Everything here will remain pretty much the same. The name, banner and FAQ will not change. In other words

Passion, politics, poetry, prose and ponies. Silliness, snark and a serious effort to frame the future. A river of words, thought, philosophy and action that nourishes and transforms the political cultural and social landscape through which it passes. That is the spirit behind this “place”.

In practice…write whatever the hell you want! There are no rigid restrictions here, it is a salon and a laboratory and a place to create a new reality. A reality based on compassion, empathy and caring for the people and the planet, while acknowledging the harsh realities of the world we live in and the difficulty of the tasks ahead. The complexities of greed, corruption and the petty politics of ‘human nature’ in the face of climate crisis and seven billion souls…will not be overcome by black and white solutions or electoral processes, but by becoming the change we wish to see and helping others to do the same. Not through top down enforcement, but through people working together, a model of cooperation, not competition.

In other words…Hey Kids! Let’s put on an evolution! This is a place for each of us to do our 1/seven billionth of that together, and hopefully speed the process of change along through a synergy of our ideas, intentions and actions. Now let’s get out there and change the world!

by buhdydharma