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Bashee Down Under

A SOLDIER was bashed by three or four men at his Darwin army base and says he was left for two days with no medical treatment.

Private Lachlan Nimmo, 33, has told The NT News about a culture of violence and a lack of support for victims in Defence.

He was bashed by “three or four men” in a carpark at Robertson Barracks on October 12 last year.

He was found bloodied and slipping in and out of consciousness in his room two days later.

Despite calls from his distraught wife, Evelyn, 29, guards did not look for him until he missed a shift.

By the time he was found and taken to Royal Darwin Hospital, his kidneys had shut down. He was put in an induced coma, underwent 10 operations and spent the next two months in hospital.

Doctors said he was just hours away from death.


Despite the horrible circumstances of this event, it is oddly satisfying to learn (as if it wasn’t obvious enough already) that the phobia against social lepers like victims and particularly the manifest treatment of disabled enlisted soldiers is universal.

Victims carry a lifelong stigma and I suspect few understand it.

It is most obvious and ugly in the case of the raped female but omnipresent for all victims.

Real men win, you see, and good girls avoid being raped.

Damn you, Chuck Hagel, you put the problem front and center despite all your heroics and attractions.

Rachel Maddow Lays Out Why Chuck Hagel’s Positions on Rape, Abortion, and Gays are Important


A personal note:

My wife wanted oh so bad to rescue a tiny “rare” tiger kitten from the shelter.  For whatever reason I couldn’t tell her the tiger cats were by far the most common of all cats and a tiny kitten in a house with a PTSD German Shepherd and a warrior half-breed Border Collie might not be safe for a tiny, undersized kitten.

I had seen kittens killed by farm dogs.  Not a pretty sight.

But this tiny kitten was a true tiger.  She quickly put the dogs and and another cat in their places.  Only really, really dumb dogs are willing to take the punishment from unsheathed claws.

We named the tiny tiger Rachael.  

Best,  Terry