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Does “Waiting for Superman” Avoid Some Inconvenient Truths?

Perhaps you, already impressed with “An Inconvenient Truth”, eagerly awaited the release of “Waiting for Superman” this fall.  Despite the merits of “An Inconvenient Truth”, this writer was of the firm opinion that it glossed over some critical information and was designed to spare their audiences some rather unpleasant truths. But upon seeing “Waiting for Superman”, the sense of being subjected to a slick overextended infomercial was inescapable.  

Just before entering the theater, at a membership-supported arthouse venue, someone was conveniently stationed outside the entrance handing out promotional literature, offering the chance to win $1,000, which could be applied to the cost of an education. Having been my very first ever encounter with such an approach, troubling questions arose before the previews even began.