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Oh, for Criminy’s Sake, Vote

I’m not going to tell you who to vote for. Its a fraught political calculus, whether to vote for a wing of an establishment that is committed to the slow destruction of the US national economy and the slow onset of catastrophic climate chaos simply because the other wing of the establishment is committed to the rapid destruction of the US national economy and the rapid onset of catastrophic climate chaos.

But for Criminy Sake Vote. Not voting is not protest, because the power that be want you to not vote. Not voting is, indeed, compliance with our corporate feudal overlords, or corporate feudal overlords in waiting if I am in an optimistic mood.

Not voting is compliance. Not voting makes you a full fledged member of the Suck-Up Society which our corporate feudal overlords (possibly in waiting) is eager to expand and perpetuate.

I am just an economist of small political brain, so I am not going to tell you whether to vote Democratic or Communist Party or Green Party or Progressive Party or WAS(fr)P {White Anglo Saxon (former republican) Party, eg, Chaffee & Crist} or whatever fringe or protest party you can find. If you’ve got a Clown Party to vote for, vote for them.

But freaking vote. You can vote against the Replicants, You can vote against the Democ-Rats. You can vote against the Constitution Party if you care too. Whatever.

Just vote. Install you and your finicky, dogged, whimsical, bitter, jovial, and/or whatever else or whatever mix of the above that you care to name self into the equation.