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Things that go “Bump” in Japan: Happy Halloween


Things that go “Bump” in Japan


 So, this reprises (with updates) my last year’s “Halloween in Japan” post on my just-for-fun site/blog LetsJapan.Wordpress.com.  A personal story, Very Creepy art, some history and EVEN some bonus Ultraman (!).  And access to my This-Week-Only Halloween Special Photo Gallery.  Yes, more fun than a barrel of O’Donnells!



 “But ghosts and goblins and the creepy stories surrounding them have their own long tradition in Japan (as is the case in every culture).  Celebrated Edo Period wood block artist Hokusai (1760-1849) created a series of Kabuki-inspired “ghost story” prints around 1830, “Hyaku Monogatari”.  Above you see the print, “The Ghost of Koheiji”, based on an 1803 story-turned-kabuki-play by Santo Kyoden (poet, writer and woodblock artist).  Koheiji was betrayed and murdered by his wife.  So, naturally, he comes back from the dead to torment her and her lover by slipping under the mosquito netting around their bedding and joining and doling out horrific justice on them.”


 Please feel invited to visit, comment, share and if you feel your skin crawling right out the door, remember, that’s either the thought of Koheiji’s skeletal remains, in ghostly form, lurking behind the mosquito netting, or you thought of the even more terrifying image:  Sharon Angle being sworn in as a U.S. Senator!  Nooooooooo!