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Conflict TBI: Cognitive Rehab. Therapy Not Covered

Billions have been spent on these Wars of choice! With those Billions spent Billions were made by many, new multi-millionaires with connections were produced as well as a high priced merc private army and more. Directly and indirectly over the decade of these ongoing conflicts!  

The coming AO of these Present Wars of Choice

And you’ll never guess just what they found in that dust!!!!

Iraq, Kuwait dust may carry dangerous elements

MC2 Ace Rheaume / Navy Builder 2nd Class Eric Clark, assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 5, is caught in a sandstorm May 4 at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan. A Navy study suggests that dust from Afghanistan contains metals that may cause respiratory problems and brain damage.


From Stephen Webster at RawStory:

GOP congressmen run from blogger asking ‘birther’ questions

Mike Stark of Firedoglake and Huffington Post thinks he has stumbled onto the reason George W. Bush was elected to the presidency twice: The GOP’s base, as exemplified by this ubiquitous “birther” nonsense, must be Insane.

In  the video below, he puts the birther fictions before a series of Republican congressmen on the hill, and their reactions are priceless.

Notes Jane Hamsher over at Firedoglake:

I admit it. I wish Cheney were president.

I thought it was time I outed myself. And all those like me, on left wing websites, who dare criticize President Obama. For compromising or selling out on trivial issues such as DOMA, the bank bailout, secrecy, torture, or prosecuting war crimes. We don’t really care about issues. We’re all about personality. And we all secretly wish Dick Cheney were president. Because we get the vapors for rabid weasels.

New Hope for the Brain Damaged (Possibly even for Bush…?)

And yes, the story is real.

The image above is a crop from an image found on lolpix, but the article is real — click the image to get to the online version.

Another related story by the same writer (Margaret Munro of CanWest News Service) can be found here.

The lolpix image of the print copy of the CanWest article was first pointed out to me by Aurora_Bird on DelphiForums.