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Massive Stretches of Oil Found by Fisherman


Yes, by god it looks all gone to me.

Thank you for your help, Mr Obama.  

Pools of Oil Found on Gulf Seafloor

What A Surprise.

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Researchers say they’ve found patches of oil believed to be from the BP leak on the Gulf of Mexico sea floor. Some of these are two inches thick.

University of Georgia researcher Samantha Joye (JOY) says she and her colleagues have found oil as much as 80 miles from the Deepwater Horizons well. She says the latest sample was taken early Monday and the oil covered newly dead creatures, such as shrimp and deep-sea worms.

The scientists have collected at least 10 samples from the sea floor, about a mile down. Testing is needed to confirm it is BP oil. But Joye says it has the appearance of recent oil from the busted well, not old oil.


Hmm. Now one of the most ridiculed statements by Matt Simmons (recently dead in a ‘hot tub accident’) was:

….enormous pool of crude is accumulating below the sea floor…


Which prompted responses from both left and right like this comment from a poster on truthout:

A pool of oil at the bottom of the Gulf? Oil floats, sorry

I guess those people have never heard of dispersants, never saw the video of BP and the US government directly injecting dispersant into the leak, and spraying it from boats and planes on the surface.

Here is is again: