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I’ve had better weeks.  But it’s about 4:40 on a Friday (Central Time) and I’m still breathing, so I’ll take what I can get.  To celebrate, after a fashion, I’m going to post this thing from my just-for-fun blog, LetsJapan.Wordpress.Com, something that I up and updated this morning.  It’s photo essay called . . .



No, it’s not a bunch of pictures of “funny English” signs, although there are some pretty funny ones in the group.  And, yes, I do have something of a collection of those.  These are just cool, or quirky, or weird, or uniquely Japanese.


 So pop open a beverage of choice, click on over to Signs, and enjoy.  I mean, after all, you’ve made it through another week.

 Note:  if you want to know what the hell it is with me and Japan (and to a lesser extend India and China), there’s an “About” page over at my site/blog.  Feel free to click away.