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Poof! The Gulf is All Fixed Now. Yeah !

NOAA, that wonderful government division, that showed us incorrect oil maps, lied about there being plumes of oil in the water, now gives us this laugher:  

Only about 26 percent of the oil from the Deepwater Horizon leak is still in the water or onshore, and most of it is diluted and breaking down rapidly, officials say.


Uh, sure.


26 % you say?

Poof. All gone.

If this isn’t proof that the American government is controlled by corporations, I don’t know what is.

To sum up, the government has collaborated with BP to hire public relations firms, been caught setting booms w/o skimmers, has kept reporters away from the gulf, been repeatedly caught lying about the size of the spill, the oil plumes, the reason for the use of toxic dispersant, and now claims that the seafood is clean based on ‘experts’ who literally smell it, and based on the smell, pronouce it safe. See here:


And now NOAA says 74% is just gone, although, the exact release number presumably is unknown (“unknown/unknown”) , we now know that more or less 74% of that unknown number is just gone.

This has been determined totally  scientifically, by real experts complete with oil diving rods, combing a map of the gulf painstakingly & by smell, I presume.  Drawn on a napkin.

Thank you, BP US government for fixing the gulf so rapidly.

I commode you.

Uh, commend you.