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Remember John Avarosis’ Observation About Fred?

This isn’t much an essay — it’s not even much of a pictorial. But it IS funny, IMO…

John from AmericaBlog made a great observation the other day…(click image for John’s piece).

I made it into an animated gif to demonstrate the transition.

“Jonathan” Does The Florida Recount 2000

Avedon has a great find, “Jonathan” of Buffy fame, Danny Strong, wrote a movie on the Florida recount that is in production, appraently with some big names:

Recount, the film written by Danny Strong about the 2000 presidential election, is currently filming in my state — at the scene of the crime. . . . What was more fun was meeting Danny Strong. Since I’m not a convention-goer, I figured I’d never actually meet any of the Buffy actors. But he was on the site, and I saw him here and there between takes. Then, there was one fairly long wait between takes, and he was taking photographs of the set. I was talking to another extra, and then I turned, and there he was a mere inches in front of me, with his back to me. Well, I couldn’t let the moment pass, so I said, “Thank you for writing this movie.” He turned, and I told him I was a fan, and we ended up talking about 15 minutes about the film, the election, etc. A couple of other extras also entered into the conversation, talking about their memories of the protests in Tallahassee back in 2000. Anyway, I think he was genuinely surprised to have someone single him out, as I don’t think anybody else among the extras knew who he was . . .

For Buffy fans like me, that is quite cool.