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Fred Thompson’s Big Lie to RNC on McCain POW Story

Nothing is more wrenching, more emotionally volatile than the story of prisoners of war, no matter what the country or the cause: the torture they endure (or endured), and the mind-numbing horror of contemplating the inhumanity of those who do the torturing. McCain is playing on his torture history as POW in his run for the presidency. On Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, also-ran former Senator Fred Thompson gave a speech lauding McCain, and describing the suffering of the GOP presidential nominee when he was held as a prisoner by the North Vietnamese from 1967-73.

There is much that could be made of the lies, exaggerations, and ordinary political mischief in Thompson’s speech. But one big lie stood out. In his narration of McCain’s torture story, he changed one important fact. And since it bears on the larger question as to whether torture “works,” it’s worth mentioning here.

In his speech, Thompson said the following:

Remember John Avarosis’ Observation About Fred?

This isn’t much an essay — it’s not even much of a pictorial. But it IS funny, IMO…

John from AmericaBlog made a great observation the other day…(click image for John’s piece).

I made it into an animated gif to demonstrate the transition.