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This first is a cut of one I just posted, elsewhere, to show at least a little of what has been going on. But as to this agency I have added just a few, and there’s plenty more, links to how the previous administration as well as the republican controlled congresses nearly gutted OSHA, but it isn’t only OSHA as we’ve seen as to regulations and the countries well being, they had eight plus years to nearly destroy everything about this once envied country and it’s innovations, workforce and research etc.!

This all isn’t only about the oil industry, we’ve been witness to the across the whole spectrum of disastrous policies that went on or were suppressed, veterans, the banking, wall street, auto with recalls, food with recalls and so much more, all to the benefit of the few at the top and those they allow to join their club as the majority, those that do the work, are suppressed and controlled with fear and many follow the meme’s given to lay the blame away from those who actually caused the destructions!