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This first is a cut of one I just posted, elsewhere, to show at least a little of what has been going on. But as to this agency I have added just a few, and there’s plenty more, links to how the previous administration as well as the republican controlled congresses nearly gutted OSHA, but it isn’t only OSHA as we’ve seen as to regulations and the countries well being, they had eight plus years to nearly destroy everything about this once envied country and it’s innovations, workforce and research etc.!

This all isn’t only about the oil industry, we’ve been witness to the across the whole spectrum of disastrous policies that went on or were suppressed, veterans, the banking, wall street, auto with recalls, food with recalls and so much more, all to the benefit of the few at the top and those they allow to join their club as the majority, those that do the work, are suppressed and controlled with fear and many follow the meme’s given to lay the blame away from those who actually caused the destructions!


June 16, 2010

See OSHA Activity to Date

Oil spill workers are on the front lines of the nation’s response to the Deepwater Horizon disaster. At this time, there are over 25,000 cleanup workers employed by BP or its contractors; 5,400 boats are supporting the response operations; and more than 2,000 Federal employees are directly involved in the cleanup operations over four states.

Depending on their jobs, these workers can face hazards from heat, falls, drowning, fatigue, loud noise, sharp objects, as well as bites from insects, snakes, and other wild species native to the Gulf Coast area. Workers may also face exposure to crude oil, oil constituents and byproducts, dispersants, cleaning products and other chemicals being used in the cleanup process. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is providing proactive, vigorous leadership to ensure that workers are protected from all hazards.

OSHA is working as part of the coordinated federal response which includes the U.S. Coast Guard and other government agencies that deal with health and the environment and BP to ensure that workers are protected from all hazards associated with their cleanup work. Continued

And this from CBS News:

June 20, 2010 Nations Rethink Drilling in Wake of BP Oil Spill

Britain, China, France and Bulgaria Among Nations Ratcheting Up Oversight of Petroleum Industry

Britain has doubled rig inspections. Bulgaria scrapped plans for a new oil pipeline. Chinese and French oil giants are upgrading equipment and procedures designed to prevent spills. As oil continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico, nations around the globe are taking a cue from this cautionary tale and ratcheting up their oversight of the petroleum industry. Continued

If this keeps up where will these shallow and deep water rigs go because the owners and investors are pissed about a moratorium because none of them had invested in the technology and manpower needed in case of accidents

Under the previous administration but not only them, this has been going on under republican controlled congresses before them and more rapidly with them, these are what all the industries are still working under. The destruction of regulations and over site as to the workers and not only in OSHA as we’ve seen with this Oil Industry disaster!

August 15, 2004 Bush Forces a Shift In Regulatory Thrust

April 25, 2007 OSHA Leaves Worker Safety in Hands of Industry

April 28, 2007 Assessing the Bush Administration’s OSHA Record

December 1, 2008 Bush Moves Forward With ‘Secret’ OSHA Rule

Remember that “secret” Occupational Safety and Health Administration rule? The one that would make it tougher to protect workers from hazardous chemicals and toxic substances?

Well, according to the New York Times, the Bush administration is rushing to finalize the rule before the Obama administration takes office, severely limiting Obama’s legal options to do anything about it.

As we’ve noted many times before, and as the Washington Post first reported in July, the rule would make it harder for OSHA to regulate toxins. Continued

December 29, 2008 Under Bush, OSHA Mired in Inaction

The result is a legacy of unregulation common to several health-protection agencies under Bush: From 2001 to the end of 2007, OSHA officials issued 86 percent fewer rules or regulations termed economically significant by the Office of Management and Budget than their counterparts did during a similar period in President Bill Clinton’s tenure, according to White House lists.  Continued

These are but a few, you can find plenty more, under many topics and issues, after all they had eight years in that administration and the republicans? had plenty more years of controlling the agenda of congress and either obstructing the countries way forward or not doing a thing! As to congress one only needs to research the congressional record to see the patterns!

Many were saying over and over, especially in reference to the wars of choice, that as policies were made during the previous administration and republican controlled congresses that it would take decades to even get back to where we once were before we can even move forward. As we’ve seen we may never get back to even that

This has been shown over and over in these last years and as each has caused disaster for many the subject lines are ever changing to other issues or non issues trying to be made into issues in the constant changing rhetoric to steer away from that already at hand including this disaster in the Gulf in the attempts to hide what went on in clear view and behind closed doors!


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  1. I had read this elsewhere.

    Amazing, the devastatubg laws and policies that were instilled during the Bush Adm., some we’ve never heard of. they really f..ked up everything you can think of, while reeping the harvests of their efforts for themselves and the greedy GOP and corporatists.  We were being raped daily all those years, while Americans tried to hang onto their jobs, etc.

  2. OSHA Director: Offshore Cleanup Workers Will Get More Training

    June 21, 2010 Last week, we reported that experts and health officials are concerned that Gulf cleanup workers aren’t getting enough safety training [1] [1]. On Thursday, C-SPAN asked the head of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration about our reporting — and he agreed that “more training is needed [2] [2]” for many spill responders. Continued

    This administration is working with what was left to them and so are the agencies!

  3. FireDogLake’s petition to provide respirators for all the clean-up people down around the Gulf.

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