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Navy Vets Scam Artist Formally Charged

Just a short update on something I really want to keep ‘in the news’ for a couple of reasons, actually as a Navy vet there are others as well, but the political side should not be forgotten.

You can google the name or main points to get the past reports.

One reason is the obvious and the pictures tell that story. While sending our soldiers into two more ‘wars of choice’ and laughing about their ‘purple heart bandages’ as well!

By the way, a talking head journalist on CBS finally even said that about Afghanistan, war of choice, the other night.

Veterans org. {political slush fund} That Wasn’t!!

While scams like this are on the constant it seems that under the previous administration and tepublican party congress, with two wars of choice raging, those targeted to Veterans or Military were reaping huge amounts for the conman as well as, well reported, the execs or founders of those supposedly legitimate ones and little to nothing for the Veterans or the Military. No regulation, as we’ve seen in the business community, and certainly no congressional oversite, yet the pols profited as well!

Virginia Pols – Fake Veterans Association – Law Passed

Increasingly Bizarre U.S. Navy Veterans Association Saga: Political Slush Fund

This story seems to have no end as States have started investigating since the St. Petersburg Times first broke it near the beginning of the year.

Navy Vets story gets even stranger

Virginia AG, others, and Political Slush Fund

In the Guise of a Navy, All, Veterans Nonprofit Support Group!

Just abit of recent backround:

Stand-ins Posed as Members of Navy Veterans Association