Navy Vets Scam Artist Formally Charged

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Just a short update on something I really want to keep ‘in the news’ for a couple of reasons, actually as a Navy vet there are others as well, but the political side should not be forgotten.

You can google the name or main points to get the past reports.

One reason is the obvious and the pictures tell that story. While sending our soldiers into two more ‘wars of choice’ and laughing about their ‘purple heart bandages’ as well!

By the way, a talking head journalist on CBS finally even said that about Afghanistan, war of choice, the other night.

Whereabouts still unknown, his girlfriend was captured in the Charlotte airport last years as she was between flights and ready to board one, nothing more heard about her since.

‘Charity’ chief who donated to top politicians is charged over $20m Navy vets scam

GOP supporter: Records show that Bobby Charles Thompson, pictured with George W. Bush, gave largely to Republican causes

2nd May 2011 – A man who headed a fundraising group for U.S. Navy veterans has been charged with aggravated theft, money laundering, identity fraud and corruption.

Bobby Charles Thompson, who gave himself the rank of lieutenant commander, ran the nationwide non-profit group the U.S. Navy Veterans Association.

Donations solicited by telemarketers poured into the organisation from around the country, mostly individual gifts under $50.

High profile names: Thompson with Sen. John McCain and Cindy McCain, far right

They amounted to tens of millions of dollars intended for veterans’ needs and other military causes.

Thompson and NAVPAC, his political action committee, gave lavishly to more than 50 candidates in 16 states – most of them Republicans, records show.

The money gave him direct access to some of the leading politicians in America.

He has been pictured alongside former President George W. Bush, his adviser Karl Rove, former presidential candidate Senator John McCain and several others.

In all the photos he is seen smiling broadly through an unkempt black beard and moustache.

The charges against him were filed in Ohio where authorities say he donated nearly $300,000 to political causes. {continued}

Bobby Thompson isn’t his real name and it seems nobody knows that or if they do nobody has called him by it.

The second is as important. Someone had a post up yesterday about the Attorney General of Virginia. I mentioned in that that because of this political slush fund, the contributions he got, the holding onto those for months after everyone else has relinquished, pretty much as soon as this was breaking, the people of Virginia should not forget.

Actually there should already have been a strong call for his recall, whether it worked or not, especially as to the office he holds, he also has shied from investigating as other states moved quickly forward.  


  1. Was playin with the very high rollers in this country and none of them saw fit to check out who he was or asked about the huge contributions, rove and company apparently play that if you got the cash that’s fine with them, no questions asked!!!!!

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