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About November

Thursday Gallup released a poll that should send shivers down every Quisling Democrat’s non-existent spine.

The results I wish to draw to your attention are these-

On Partisan Image the Democratic Party now trails the Republicans 42% favorable (R) to 41% (D).  This is down 11% from August/September ’09 and  is across all Political Identifications- -6% among Democrats, -10% among Independents, and -7% among Republicans.

Moreover Democratic UNFAVORABILITY has RISEN from 51% to 54% and now EXCEEDS Republican unfavorability by 3% (down 5% since August/September).

(h/t Jon Walker)

But that’s the good news.  The Bad News?

Does the Member of Congress in Your District Deserve Re-Election?

49% Yes, 40% No.  The lowest it’s been since 1992.  1994 as you will recall was another Rahm Emanuel orchestrated blowout disaster and the numbers then weren’t nearly this bad.

We call incumbents who’s approval is below 50%, vulnerable and with Congressional approval overall at 28% Approve / 65% Disapprove (a record) it’s not hard to understand why (though normally people approve of their own Congressperson).

(Also h/t Jon Walker)

Have fun storming the castle!