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Obama and Tony Soprano in Afghanistan

Barack Obama went to New Jersey (Afghanistan) last week to meet with Tony Soprano (Hamid Karzai).

“Tony,” says Barack, “we know that you and your under-boss Big Pauly (Ahmad Wali “Big Wally” Karzai) are total mobsters!”

“We know you’re involved in money-laudering, extortion, and heroin trafficking!”

“But we (me and George W. Bush) have supported you anyway, and killed everybody who got in your way!”

“We made you the over-boss of all of Jersey!”

“And how do you pay us back? You let some penny-ante election fraud get all over my media! You’re making me look bad, Tony! You gotta clean up your act!”

“Big Pauly should sleep with the fishes!”

And Tony Soprano replied…

“Big Pauly is a made man, Mr. President, and that means that Big Pauly can fuck with anybody, and nobody can fuck with Big Pauly.”