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The Week in Editorial Cartoons – “I Have Here in My Hand a List of…”

Note: I kept getting errors about text being corrupted while trying to post the complete diary.  This is only half the diary.  There are many more sections and editorial cartoons in this diary that I posted over at Daily Kos.

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Peter King – Ghost of Hearings Past by Taylor Jones, Politicalcartoons.com, Buy this cartoon

Aristocrats of the Caribbean


Talent agent’s secretary tells him there are three acts waiting to see him.

“I hope it isn’t another bunch of goddamned aristocrats!” he says.

The first act comes in and a couple of the men immediately beat up all the women and children, and begin to shit and piss all over them.

“And what do you call your act?” asks the talent agent.


Then the second act breaks into the office, beats up everybody in the first act, locks them in a closet, and leaves. Just before they disappear, the talent agent asks them what they call themselves.

“The United States.”

Third act comes in, unlocks the closet, cleans up the first act, hands out free medicine, and sends all the children to school.

The agent is impressed. “What’s the name of your act?” he says.



Qué bolá, mamacita!