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March Madness- Round of 64 Part I

As I said before- do you see ‘meta’ in this?

Well, there’s a reason they call this March Madness.

It’s been insanely complicated to even set up this table which is organized by viewing time for your convenience.  Over 20 hours it took me, I hope you appreciate it.

There is only one channel, CBS, which means they are going to jump around from game to game in a random manner dictated by the Sports Director (thus the name).  I’m not even going to attempt to live blog it except for the random comment or 60.


I’ll attempt to update the results as they come in, and the second half of the round of 64 comes tomorrow.  This weekend is the round of 32 and it’s going to take me just as much time to prepare and I’m not going to be around Saturday night (hopefully) because I’m going to be visiting a dog that bites my shoes and talking about Science Fiction.

After that I may have more interest if any of my favorite teams (Syracuse and Michigan State) emerge un-upset though I’m not predicting anything except early exits for either of them.  I’ll keep rooting for The Big East (the best conference in Basketball!) until they all lose (which is sure to come).

Kansas v. Duke in the final.  Kansas wins.  Yawn.

Or you could go with Armando’s brackets.

March Madness Play In

Huh?  Do you see ‘Meta’ in the title or tags?

Nope, it’s the start of the 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship which should be a little more interesting than the Women’s side where I confidently predict the Lady Huskies will romp to their 5th undefeated season and 7th Championship (still 1 behind Tennessee’s record 8).

Tonight’s Play In game, starting at 7:30 pm on ESPN is between Arkansas (Pine Bluff) 16 – 15 and Winthrop 19 – 13.  The winner advances to the South Region 16th seed where they will face Duke Friday in the 7:25 game on CBS.

The round of 64 is happening Thursday and Friday, the round of 32 Saturday and Sunday.  The fact of the matter is I’m really not quite sure how to blog it, so if anyone wants to jump in and volunteer I’m more than happy to let them show me the way.

In the interests of full disclosure I’m not much interested in any teams except Syracuse and Michigan State and I expect them both to make early exits.  I suppose I’ll try and summon some enthusiasm for whatever Big East team lasts the longest, I predict Georgetown because they have another monster Center.