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Liar Beats Moral Coward In First “Presidential” Debate

I have no further commentary, no further commentary is necessary.  

Here’s some music for you . . .

On the Turning Away

Over at Daily Salem Witch Trials, where Jane Hamsher has been burned at the stake so many times they’ve run out of stakes, someone set their torch down long enough to deliver a sermon about the dangers of fire . . .

Obama Warns Progressives We Will Go Down In Flames . .

President Obama told progressives that if this healthcare bill fails, not only will the democrats go down in flames but his presidency. I think those who are not satisfied with this bill need a come to jesus moment. We democrats need to realize that we can’t get everything we want.

I’ll have a come to Jesus moment if you stop sniffing glue.   While drinking a case of beer. While posting a diary from a rabbit hole somewhere deep beneath the surface of Obamabot Land.  

Someone needs to understand the basic difference between flying and never getting off the ground.  You can’t go down in flames when you never even got the damn plane into the air.   It didn’t even make it to the runway, because there aren’t any runways.  It’s still in the hangar.  At the No We Can’t International Airport.  Where there’s no runways, where there’s no control tower, where there’s no departure gate because nothing ever departs, where the only thing in the air is Rahm’s middle finger.    

Did I mention the plane doesn’t even have a pilot?  No?  Well then I’d better mention that.


Hopey McChange talks about flying, he talks about it all the time, he talks about soaring high up into that Sky of Change, soaring high above the status quo, high above those red states and blue states, way up into that Heaven of Bipartisanship, where the Centrist Angels play their harps and halos glow above every Republican head.  

He talks so much the wind never stops blowing . . .  

Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your mouth . . .

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Blowing down the backroads heading south.

Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your teeth,

You’re an idiot, babe, it’s a wonder,

That you still know how to breathe.