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Obama and the Democrats as “Pussies”: A Dangerous Meme

“Why are Obama and the Democrats so incompetent/such wimps/such ‘pussies’?  They control the White House and  both houses of Congress, yet they haven’t even managed to [insert embarrassingly modest and/or reformist liberal/progressive goal here, e.g., “pass health care reform that includes a public option”, “end the Iraq war”, “enact strict regulations on Wall Street”, etc.]! Obama needs to ‘grow a pair’ and start acting more like the Republicans did when they were in power! You know, like a man.  I mean, Bush never cared about bipartisanship and consensus-building when he was president.  He was willing to use his power to enact his agenda, and he did so without giving the Democratic opposition in Congress a second thought.”

The Left’s™ persistent broadcasting of variations on the  Democrats-as-incompetent-“pussies” (Bill Maher’s word, not mine) meme  reeks of a highly sophisticated and finely-tuned advertising campaign. The corporate owners of Brand Left™have so thoroughly saturated the nation with this message that even Apple’s marketing department has started taking notes.

Of course, it is unsurprising when Brand Left’s™ corporate mouthpieces help spread such a patently false characterization of Obama and the Democrats. The Leftists™ that have been anointed by our capitalist dictatorship — Rachel Maddow,  Keith Olbermann, Michael Moore, Ariana Huffington, and Bill Maher (to name a few)- have each done their part to perpetuate this dangerous lie about Obama and the Democrats. One should expect nothing less of such a distinguished cadre of amoral hypocrites.

Despite their faux-leftist rhetoric, they are cut from the same rotting, moth-eaten corporate cloth as Certainly Not News and Fox. The plutocracy has allowed them to express their “left wing” convictions for one primary reason:  A few advertising firms conducted focus groups to figure out what kind of programming would best attract a coveted demographic to various media sources where they could be subjected to target marketing (i.e., mostly white limousine liberals who constantly reiterate their love for National “Public” Radio whenever they are going for progressive realness). Likewise, The Jersey Shore was created so that advertisers could target an equally repugnant demographic.