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Heading for the Ash Heap of History?

A New Rasmussen Poll reports a rather amazing decline in the support of Americans for capitalism:  

Bad news for those fearful of “creeping socialism” in the United States–only 53 percent of Americans now believe capitalism is the better system, according to a new poll Thursday. Fully 20 percent in the Rasmussen Reports survey said that socialism was their preferred economic system–a startling number that suggests growing disaffection as the “land of the free” fights its worst recession in decades.

Millions of wingnut heads will explode when they hear this.  Their formerly favorite pollster will be condemned as a socialist/fascist/neo-Marxist hack.  Obviously, he is in league with George Soros and vicious left wing hate sites like this one, has become a dirty fucking commie hippie, and is conspiring with those two notorious liberals, Beelzebub and Mephistopheles, to destroy capitalism.