Heading for the Ash Heap of History?

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A New Rasmussen Poll reports a rather amazing decline in the support of Americans for capitalism:  

Bad news for those fearful of “creeping socialism” in the United States–only 53 percent of Americans now believe capitalism is the better system, according to a new poll Thursday. Fully 20 percent in the Rasmussen Reports survey said that socialism was their preferred economic system–a startling number that suggests growing disaffection as the “land of the free” fights its worst recession in decades.

Millions of wingnut heads will explode when they hear this.  Their formerly favorite pollster will be condemned as a socialist/fascist/neo-Marxist hack.  Obviously, he is in league with George Soros and vicious left wing hate sites like this one, has become a dirty fucking commie hippie, and is conspiring with those two notorious liberals, Beelzebub and Mephistopheles, to destroy capitalism.    

Republicans have been fretting screaming incoherently about the President’s response to the multiple crises he has inherited . . .  

Republican critics fret that President Barack Obama’s big-spending recovery policies amount to an un-American “creeping socialism,” but Rasmussen said its findings pointed to suspicion of business and government elites alike. It noted that in another survey last month, two out of three Americans said that big government and big business often collude to undermine the interests of consumers and investors.

Yes.  There have been some indications of that.  

In defense of plutocracy capitalism, corporate executives, big bankers, and stockbrokers have taken to the streets . . .

capitalism rocks! Pictures, Images and Photos

Yes.  Capitalism Rocks.  Like Lawrence Welk rocked.  Like Milli Vanilli rocked.

Americans have held the hand of the devil for far too long, it burned like fire, but they kept holding on to it.  It’s time to walk away from the Crap Table of Capitalism.  The House always wins.  


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  1. See that dust cloud of capitalism disappear without a trace . . .

    • Edger on April 9, 2009 at 22:57

    that they forgot to put the words “on the” in between “Capitalism” and “Rocks”, no?

    Seriously, I would suspect that most people, myself included, would tend to favor “capitalism” as they, like me, grew up thinking or believing it is: that most people, even hardcore “make a profit” oriented capitalists are also “socially responsible” at least to a reasonable degree and attempt to make their profits by honestly offering products and services that benefit their prospective customers… instead of trying to scam their customers.

    The main driver behind the collapsing of capitalism, in other words, seems to me to be more of a moral values shortcoming than anything else.

  2. No controls, no morals and no consequences!  These bastards in the banks and on Wall Street raped us, right along with eight years of being raped by our government — and, still no consequences for any of them, except, perhaps, Madoff!  No consequences perpetuates the criminal behavior.

    As long as these so-called “elite” can do whatever and get away with it, what’s to stop them in the future?  Same with our government!  

    You have to have regulations over these entities, because, as we have seen and knew and know, greed has no boundaries.

  3. Here’s another good one.  Yes, I think a blend of cap & soc would be best with strong regulations to hold greed in check while providing an extensive curriculum of morality and ethics in our educational system.  

  4. It’s a train wreck between corporate feudalism and fascism.

    This hasn’t been capitalism or democracy for a while. I’m not giving up on those concepts just because they’ve been subverted by corrupt gangs making power grabs.

  5. Yea, I occasionally tune in to get a pulse on what is the latest burr under their saddle. Hannity blamed the poll results on our educational system, liberal teachers indoctrinating students etc.

  6. I don’t think any of what has happened “economically” and in other senses, is an accident.  Contrarily, I have really started to come to understand that some of the “similarities” of us, and some other countries, are not accidents at all!  I readily admit that I could be wrong, but I’m not so sure!

    It seems that the “training” for “citizen control” is not simply limited to us, with all the same “war gear” for example.  Witness this wretched video, in London!

    It is clear that this poor man was attacked, without provocation, as has happened here in the States, Canada, and elsewhere.  Are these kinds of tactics coincidental?  Or, are they, in fact, the effect of a “New World Order?”

    While I’m not sure, as I’m sure no one else is either, I wonder about the likes of the Bilderberg Group — so secretive, and, yet, one thing I learned is that they feel the problems of the world are because of over-population.  (Mind you, the world is overpopulated, but there is enough to go around, nonetheless — but if you want to cripple a nation, you “starve” them, i.e., distribution.)  And, therefore, “they” must find ways to handle it — complete control over the populace — and, in that sense, there are no “holds barred.”  What do I mean?  Well, actually, we’ve pretty much seen what it means — everything and anything has been done to impoverish the populace — there is no more “middle-class.”  And so, “they” have been rendered to the “poor-class” level, hence, no voice, hence, no anything.  Don’t you think it quite suspicious that in over eight years, no jobs were created here, while businesses were laying off people right and left?  All jobs outsourced!  And all defense people raking it up with the wars (some would surprise you)?  Accident?  And Wall Street and the banks robbing us blind?  Oh, and to add to the scenario, why do you think there has been such a crackdown on immigrants, who work their “bones” off?  It is to give us, Americans, their jobs?

    Do you really think all of this is an accident, or a result of poor judgment?  

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