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Spokane Backpack Defused Monday

The writing of this will not cause any aggravation whatsoever for the PR team, publicists, speechwriters, groupies, and fangurls ‘n guize of the former GOP Vice Presidential Candidate who ran in 2008, nor of the millions of armchair instant psychiatrists now on the innertubalas.  


Status: All clear, but they’re looking for something

Location:  Spokane, Washington

sublocation:  Parade Route

Date: Monday, January 17, 2011

Information Wanted, $20,000 reward.  Subject Should Be Considered Armed and Dangerous. (But notice we are not saying armed with what so nothing is implied. )

Casualties:  None

Potential:  Could Have

Heroes:  3 City Employees

Outcome: Parade Route changed, Item Diffused

Harrill declined to release details of the device, other than to call it a functional [redacted] that could have caused multiple casualties.

The agency released photos of the redacted [thing with armstraps on it that begins with a “b”] and two shirts found inside


 So, She Who Will Not Be Named, you’re just going to have to fundraise on something else this week.    

Parade Open Thread

tiggerHappy Thanksgiving!

You know, back when I worked retail I was always happy to come in on holidays for a few reasons not the least of which was the time and a half.  It was also dead slow which appeals to my laziness.

But most of all I felt I was providing a public service for people who needed stuff when most places were closed.

Just so I’m happy to provide a little light entertainment for you this Thanksgiving in case you need an excuse to get away from your relatives.

Or at least it will give me an excuse to get away from mine.

Anyway I’ll start off this morning with a Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Open Thread.