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Bureau of Labor Statistics

Fifty-six of the last fifty-seven

unemployment Stats have been revised,

(after the Rosy-Fingered Dawn),  upwardly.  

meaning that The Gub’mint ha’ been

low-balling the Numbers over ninety-

eight Percent of the Time.  The Chances of That

Mistake happening by Chance is Something like

four Chances in One Quadrillion.  Unlikely

that That happened by “Chance” if their Model

were Fair: Half over, Half under.  A Coin Toss.

The Statistics suggest the BLS has

a bad Model.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics

should learn some Statistics.  Occam’s Razor

says They are lying, AND perhaps stupid.

(as a special funky coda to my crappy spank verse, a word from ckm):

How many people are staying in their underwater, over-priced homes only because they’ve killed several family members and buried them in the back yard?

Heh.  To the Indeedyth.  But less funny than it sounds.


PhotobucketIt has been declared that health care must be deficit neutral; and Social Security, Medicare, and other entitlements must be cut or they will destroy the country.   Yet, somehow, there is always ample money for bank bailouts, wars, and tax cuts.  

So as Washington pisses away trillions of our dollars, millions of Americans are experiencing a financial crisis unprecedented by anything since the Great Depression.   And just like Katrina, they are being left to fend for themselves.