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Jesus said it best

We’re spending how many billions to “rebuild” Iraq and Afghanistan?    We’re spending how many billions on enormous embassies in countries like Pakistan and Iraq, where the contractors hired to build them aren’t even Americans?

Meanwhile, at home:

This was Los Angeles, yesterday.

The Oakland Bay Bridge just broke.  

The I-35 Bridge in Minneapolis just broke, killing how many people?

Sometimes a single picture can indeed say more than 1,000 words.

Jesus said it best with that line about “You have to remove the beam from your own eye before you can remove the splinter from your neighbor’s”.  

Not that our lovely government is actually trying to help anyone with the equvalent of “removing a splinter” from anyone’s eye.  They’re just corrupt and realized that they can literally hand out millions and billions of dollars to their cronies by shipping the money overseas and into the waiting hands and duffel bags of “contractors”.

Meanwhile, America crumbles.