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Bloggers Behaving Badly: Rayne at FireDogLake.com, Part Deux

And the attacks on the left by the so-called left just keep on happening.  Rayne is at it again, this time using analysis of the failure of Howard Dean’s organizational methods as cover for once again insulting the left.

Right off the bat, Rayne dismisses the left as being “poorly informed” about how and why the Democrat Party victories of 2006 and 2008 have gone once again to the very likely prospect of huge losses in 2010.

For the last several weeks there’s been an increasing number of posts which bash all manner of Democrats, from the president to the party itself and plead for alternatives. The anger driving this bashing is understandable since the country’s economy has floundered and promises made and values shared haven’t been kept under a Democratic president with a Democratic majority in Congress.

The anger also stems from disillusionment; after the great double-emotional high of the first person of color and Democrat winning the White House in 2008, there was the expectation that winning could continue, sustained in terms of legislative initiatives.

But unfortunately, much of this anger is poorly informed. There’s backstory which explains in part why we are here today.  . . .

I find it difficult to believe that, as someone who regularly posts on a blog that goes out of its way to inform its readers about what the far right in the Democrat Party does on a daily basis, Rayne would think the left is “poorly informed” about how and why we’ve gone from victory over the GOP to facing a repeat of ’94.

gatecrashers cum gatekeepers . . .

Ho now diarist on the Daily Kos rec list, asking that the boycott either be explained or abandoned.

Really? You have reasonable questions, and I’ll give you a reasonable response: We want better. And no more politically expedient decision-making. Clear. And simple.

There’s another rec listed diary there in which progressives are chastised for … undermining Obama. I’m thinking the ones undermined wholesale would be we lowly citizens, the LBGT community, our dead and injured soldiers, orphaned Iraqis, drowning polar bears et al. There’s a whole list of the “undermined” and Obama and Dems aren’t on it.

The writer fields this question: just HOW childish and spoiled and selfish can so-called progressive be?

A double REALLY?

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