gatecrashers cum gatekeepers . . .

Ho now diarist on the Daily Kos rec list, asking that the boycott either be explained or abandoned.

Really? You have reasonable questions, and I’ll give you a reasonable response: We want better. And no more politically expedient decision-making. Clear. And simple.

There’s another rec listed diary there in which progressives are chastised for … undermining Obama. I’m thinking the ones undermined wholesale would be we lowly citizens, the LBGT community, our dead and injured soldiers, orphaned Iraqis, drowning polar bears et al. There’s a whole list of the “undermined” and Obama and Dems aren’t on it.

The writer fields this question: just HOW childish and spoiled and selfish can so-called progressive be?

A double REALLY?

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Here’s what I know. Obama and the Democrats didn’t inherit this mess. They, their policies, the constituencies they represent, and clearly their legislation brought us here.

I’ve said it 100s of times. Let me say it again. There is no fucking way we got here on Republicans alone.

So the next time you Democrats want to get in my face with this bullshit, think twice.

I was a life long Democrat. Who left the party after 2007 when the DEMOCRATS kept voting for everything Bush wanted. Because DEMOCRATS use Republicans as a shield for their lies. Because it became clear that politicians of the last 30 – 40 years have gone unchecked gutting the world, its resources, and pursued death and destruction in order to fuel their own unceasing greed.

The current president hasn’t defunded any wars or closed Gitmo. The current president hasn’t pursued war criminals or those who have defrauded our gov’t of billions. The current president didn’t pursue not-for-profit health insurance and not-for-profit hospitals and the other things that would have truly reformed health care instead of reforming a system of paying for health care.

As my friend masslass says: this is the clusterfuck that has become the new normal.

And what’s happened here? the gate crashers? what gate crashers? supporting the conventional fucks who are still pursuing death and destruction for a buck.


The boycott is the right thing. We have to stop supporting politicians and start moving as a coalition to support our country and the world. Obama is an employee. Like the rest of them. Change the language: no more being elected to power. But elected to a job. Public-fucking-service.

The boycott IS gatecrashing. Don’t stop making those in Washington uncomfortable and keep them paying attention.

Another call to: take back school boards, town councils, zoning boards, coalesce regionally and keep connected via internet. sustainable growth, change the way developers work in communities. get education back to educating kids instead of indoctrinating them. the ability we have locally is huge. get focused. stop crying and waiting for DEMOCRATS to save us.



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    • pfiore8 on November 14, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    and start focusing on exerting influence on politicians, politics, and policy.

    and stop accepting the “lesser of” as the best we can get.

  1. We’ve had a deliberately engineered financial crash to promote a global currency by trashing the American dollar via getting the US government to bail out Bernie Madoff type scammers thus mortgaging the next five generations of Americans.

    That done we move on to ruin health care via a two pronged approach.  Swine flu vaccine depopulation bioweapons coupled with a false flag mainstream debate about who pays for health care.

    Mr. War is Peace gets the peace prize for being a globalist.  We are having a show trial for Al-CIA-duh’s 911 mastermind.

    After December gas is going to 10 dollars a gallon and it will be next to impossible to get those vaccine detox kits.

    I don’t know, ya think we are all done?

  2. Yet he’s about to fall into the LBJ trap.  Afghanistan needs to be nixed as well as Iraq.

    LBJ had fistfuls of political capital and got tons done within a short timeframe even as he escalated in Vietname.

    Obama with the democratic supermajority in congress still hasn’t done much.  What hes trying to get done though requires all the political capital he has.  But he is going down the wrong road with escalation.  Obama for all he is, isn’t on the same level as LBJ.

  3. What’s to explain?

    It’s very simple:

    Don’t give money to these organizations because they are run by corporate hacks who are screwing you over.

    OK?  Anything else?

    Seems a lot of noobies over there don’t really understand what the point of the Progressive movement actually is.

  4. involves something like the next futuristic evolution of the Overton Window.  “Left” merely artificially plays “against” the “right” as a means of distraction, diversion and division.  People divided can’t unite on any single cause when they are bombarded 24/7 by media who in reality presents a fantasy world based upon made up issues.

    Even my mother in law sent me an email just this morning sbout an older woman giving up totally on both parties.  These are the people I want to reach about the Illuminati, the intentional take down of America and why the New World Order, which they are openly admitting and promoting, will be modeled after Red China, that stellar human rights champion of the world.

    No doubt the “intelligence” agencies of the world could take out these very few top players in short order thus saving the entire world.

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