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I Loved a World War I Doughboy 20091111

I was reflecting this Veterans’ Day, and thought about John.  He was a good man, and I realized that I actually on very close personal terms with a World War I veteran.  By the way, there is, from what I have been able to find, only ONE American World War I veteran still breathing, and he is 108 years old.

John did not live that long.  He had a hard life.  He was also the most kind, most tender, and most loving man for kids that I have even known.  Please follow me on a very emotional track here.

home_again home_again

i used to blog here. almost every day. but that… that was blog ages ago.

before my lovely, fiery, sad, maddening, and enlightening experiences at Docudharma, i’d found myself in the company of a certain bunch of bloggers . . .  buhdydharma and ek hornbeck, riaD, undercovercalico, jessical, one pissed off liberal, exmearden, jayinportland, keirdubois, and cronesense, among others, at teh Daily Kos. not a home. but most certainly, a community of bloggers crusading against the great evil of BushCo.

we had common purpose then. and common enemies too. we were all joined in the same dance . . .