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“I’d do it again” says Bush’s Shoe Thrower

From democraticunderground.com via msnbc.msn.com

    The Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at former President George W. Bush said Tuesday that he would do it all again.


     “I wouldn’t hesitate to do what I’ve done, even if it means [somebody] killing me,” he said.


    At a news conference Tuesday, he said that he was abused immediately after his arrest and the following day. He said he was beaten with iron bars, whipped with cords and was shocked in the backyard of the building in the Green Zone where the news conference was held.


    An unrepentant al-Zeidi explained that his actions were motivated by the U.S. occupation: “I want to ask the American people if an Iraqi occupies America and kills one million Americans, displaced 5 million people and demolished and destroyed America, then what would be the reaction of the American people?”