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Dive artists — Dems ‘lose’ again on health care

If there’s one thing I hate worse than an evil Republican, it’s a pussy Democrat.

You know, the hand-wringing, Tom Daschle-ian, “oh gosh we sure wouldn’t want to make them mad” kind of appeasers to the right wing, constantly demonstrating that they are officially the party of losers, nothing but the token “liberals” to the manly alpha-dog Repubs who actually run things.  

I fucking HATE THESE PRICKS.   And the Democratic Party seems to have nothing but members who are exactly like this.   Men who just turned in their fucking balls when they took their oath of office, handed them over to Newt Gingrich to keep in his freezer.  

And now, even our President, the guy who rope-a-doped us with “hope”, and played us for guillible fools, the man who actually seemed to act like a man and got out there and pretended to fight, well he’s just another one of these ass-kissing toadies who dares NOT to anger the Republican Gods!    

This Van Jones thing is the last straw.  

Here’s what I wrote at another forum, fuck it, I’m just gonna cut and paste it:

It seems Obama’s real function is to recessitate the Republicans.

Now that he’s in power, his sole purpose seems to be to re-legitimize the Republican Party. His whole thing is to be “bi partisan” to a group of irrelevant losers who are only supported by a tiny majority of the population, to let them create the illusion that they ARE still relevant and that they actually do have some power. Neither is true.

If Obama was for real, he and his people would be in the process of planting the daisies over the grave of the Repub Party.

But he’s not for real, so instead, he’s watering their seeds instead, so they can be revived and come back as the “dominant” party yet again in this country.

He’s literally a nursemaid.

And to those of us who actually thought he would do what he promised (I wasn’t one of them, but seeing as how he was gonna be the guy, I did hope that he would turn on his masters and just go ahead with the “right” thing), well, it’s become abundantly clear that WE’RE the ones who are utterly irrelevant, not the losers and psychos and fascists and nutjobs aboard the sinking ship of the the suicided Republicans.

Obama: Ignoring the people who voted for him, nurturing and revitalizing the Republican Party.

He’s a fucking douchebag.

The resignation of Van Jones should be the last straw for anybody paying attention. Let’s see, what was his real crime? Calling Republicans “assholes”. THAT was his crime. He called war criminals, people who should be blindfolded and in line for their turn at the guillotine “assholes” and for that, he must be ostracized from the official government party. Obama gives the Republicans a huge win here, this in fact is a watershed moment for them, this is the lighting that flows into the fetid corpse of the Frankenstein monster and brings it back to life.

Thanks, Obama.

Yes, John McCain can joke about bombing Iran and he’s allowed to run for President.  Michelle Bachman can say all the absolutely fruitcakey things she can say, David Vitter dons diapers and romps with hookers, the list goes on and on, but oh GOSH, one of our guys, and an uppity BLACK one at that, DARES to call the white, male ruling party “ASSHOLES” and he’s shoved right out the door by his OWN PEOPLE.    He DARES to sign a petition about the greatest crime within our nations borders, demonstrating that he actually might be with the majority of New York City residents on this, and he’s immediately kicked out the office window by the embarrassed Democrats.

They fucking HANDED the Repubs a win on this one.  A huge win.  They didn’t even show up to fight, the Repubs just raised a couple of eyebrows and this guy was thrown under the fucking TRAIN.  

What a bunch of pathetic, loser, testicle-free PUSSIES.

I fucking hate these people.  You know why?

Because there are ALWAYS evil bullies in the world.  Always.   There are always Republicans and liars and cheaters and con men trying to take over things and the only reason they don’t (if they don’t) is because other people who know better and who are willing to meet them eye-for-eye and blow-for-blow stand the fuck UP to them and face them down and make it damn clear that they will not be tolerated.

It’s as simple as that.

But wait, maybe that’s not it, check this out: