Dive artists — Dems ‘lose’ again on health care

If there’s one thing I hate worse than an evil Republican, it’s a pussy Democrat.

You know, the hand-wringing, Tom Daschle-ian, “oh gosh we sure wouldn’t want to make them mad” kind of appeasers to the right wing, constantly demonstrating that they are officially the party of losers, nothing but the token “liberals” to the manly alpha-dog Repubs who actually run things.  

I fucking HATE THESE PRICKS.   And the Democratic Party seems to have nothing but members who are exactly like this.   Men who just turned in their fucking balls when they took their oath of office, handed them over to Newt Gingrich to keep in his freezer.  

And now, even our President, the guy who rope-a-doped us with “hope”, and played us for guillible fools, the man who actually seemed to act like a man and got out there and pretended to fight, well he’s just another one of these ass-kissing toadies who dares NOT to anger the Republican Gods!    

This Van Jones thing is the last straw.  

Here’s what I wrote at another forum, fuck it, I’m just gonna cut and paste it:

It seems Obama’s real function is to recessitate the Republicans.

Now that he’s in power, his sole purpose seems to be to re-legitimize the Republican Party. His whole thing is to be “bi partisan” to a group of irrelevant losers who are only supported by a tiny majority of the population, to let them create the illusion that they ARE still relevant and that they actually do have some power. Neither is true.

If Obama was for real, he and his people would be in the process of planting the daisies over the grave of the Repub Party.

But he’s not for real, so instead, he’s watering their seeds instead, so they can be revived and come back as the “dominant” party yet again in this country.

He’s literally a nursemaid.

And to those of us who actually thought he would do what he promised (I wasn’t one of them, but seeing as how he was gonna be the guy, I did hope that he would turn on his masters and just go ahead with the “right” thing), well, it’s become abundantly clear that WE’RE the ones who are utterly irrelevant, not the losers and psychos and fascists and nutjobs aboard the sinking ship of the the suicided Republicans.

Obama: Ignoring the people who voted for him, nurturing and revitalizing the Republican Party.

He’s a fucking douchebag.

The resignation of Van Jones should be the last straw for anybody paying attention. Let’s see, what was his real crime? Calling Republicans “assholes”. THAT was his crime. He called war criminals, people who should be blindfolded and in line for their turn at the guillotine “assholes” and for that, he must be ostracized from the official government party. Obama gives the Republicans a huge win here, this in fact is a watershed moment for them, this is the lighting that flows into the fetid corpse of the Frankenstein monster and brings it back to life.

Thanks, Obama.

Yes, John McCain can joke about bombing Iran and he’s allowed to run for President.  Michelle Bachman can say all the absolutely fruitcakey things she can say, David Vitter dons diapers and romps with hookers, the list goes on and on, but oh GOSH, one of our guys, and an uppity BLACK one at that, DARES to call the white, male ruling party “ASSHOLES” and he’s shoved right out the door by his OWN PEOPLE.    He DARES to sign a petition about the greatest crime within our nations borders, demonstrating that he actually might be with the majority of New York City residents on this, and he’s immediately kicked out the office window by the embarrassed Democrats.

They fucking HANDED the Repubs a win on this one.  A huge win.  They didn’t even show up to fight, the Repubs just raised a couple of eyebrows and this guy was thrown under the fucking TRAIN.  

What a bunch of pathetic, loser, testicle-free PUSSIES.

I fucking hate these people.  You know why?

Because there are ALWAYS evil bullies in the world.  Always.   There are always Republicans and liars and cheaters and con men trying to take over things and the only reason they don’t (if they don’t) is because other people who know better and who are willing to meet them eye-for-eye and blow-for-blow stand the fuck UP to them and face them down and make it damn clear that they will not be tolerated.

It’s as simple as that.

But wait, maybe that’s not it, check this out:


Dems ‘lose’ again on health care

By Allan Uthman

Man. It’s been years that I’ve forced myself to observe, with muted horror, the degeneration of political discourse in America. Occasionally, I’ve even had the pleasure of taking part in it. But it seems I’m never quite cynical enough to predict the depths we’re willing to plumb as a nation.

I thought I was going to write a piece about how stupid it is that the right argues a public option is unfair because private insurance companies can’t compete against it. I mean, it really is an insane position, that we can’t have a public insurance option because it would provide better service for less money. And it’s equally insane to assert that private insurance companies need to make money more than Americans need access to health care.

But things have spiraled ever downward from there. It’s pointless to even attempt a cogent argument on this subject, when the other side of the debate are running around with their hair on fire, their leaders promoting obvious, absurd lies about “death panels” and… I don’t know, something about Hitler? Shamelessness does have its advantages, apparently. Certainly, no one has to ask Sarah Palin or Newt Gingrich if they have any shame, as was asked old Joe McCarthy, because the answer is obviously no. In a saner country, this “death panel” madness would be the end of Palin’s political ambitions forever. But then, a saner country would have tossed her into the ocean a year ago.

Anyway, it’s a foregone conclusion that whatever the hell gets through the Senate will be labeled Health Care Reform, or Health Insurance Reform, or just Health Reform as they’ve been calling it lately. And it’s equally clear that it will be pretty much useless, maybe even worse than useless. At best, it might solve the problem of impossible prices the same way Bush solved high drug prices: by making the government pay private businesses top dollar for it.

That’s how we compromise with industry now. As much as the Democrats are vilifying the insurance companies (and yes, they are villains in this story), the insurance companies will support the horribly mutilated bill that emerges for Obama to sign. Why? Because they will make more money than ever. Instead of a public option, people who can’t afford health insurance will be forced to buy private insurance, the poorest of us subsidized by the government. I suppose, if you have no insurance, that’s better than nothing. But it sure as hell isn’t much good.

To be fair, there are other good points, supposedly: A ban on rejecting people for preexisting conditions, for instance. But the public option, itself a paltry shadow of what a single-payer system could do for the country, is pretty much dead. It probably won’t survive the Senate process, even in a hollowed-out, meaningless form. Why? Because it would work. It would provide better service for lower costs. And the insurance people can’t have that.

The problem isn’t that the Democrats are spineless compromise fetishists, as many seem to think. Any smart negotiator knows that you start from a position your opponent deems unacceptable-in this case, a UK-style single-payer system, which would actually reduce costs dramatically and provide decent care for everyone.

Say Obama had started there. First of all, polls have consistently shown a majority of Americans support a single-payer system, as well as a majority of doctors. When politicians argue it’s not politically viable, they’re referring to staunch corporate opposition, not voter opposition, regardless of a few hundred aged, bewildered Glenn Beck drones shouting “keep your government hands off my Medicare” (actual quote). Secondly, even if it isn’t viable, starting from a single-payer position would ensure that any eventual compromise would be closer to a decent plan than what we’re going to wind up with, now that the Obama administration has started negotiating from an initial position of compromise. Instead, they’re compromising the compromise.

Why is this? No, it’s not that Democrats are wimps. They’re dive artists. Obama promised health care reform, but do he and his DLC inner circle actually want to weaken the stranglehold medical profiteers have on the public? Or do they just want to make a good show of losing the struggle?

The case for a single-payer system is rock solid and easy to explain. A single payer bill could be short enough to read in a few minutes-in fact, there is a single-payer bill floating around (doomed by the “too-liberal” names Kucinich-Conyers), and it’s a little over 4,000 words long.  Instead, we have a bill that’s over 1,000 pages long, written in typically inscrutable legalese, so dense and obscurantist that Republicans can assert nearly anything about it, from death panels to forcible sterilization, and say “read the bill!” with full knowledge that nobody will, nor could they understand it if they did.

Perhaps this explains Obama’s complete failure to actually describe the plan, aside from painfully vague references to “reform”. It’s suspicious that a group of people with the kind of supernatural message discipline they exhibited during the presidential campaign can’t muster any kind of reasonable explanation of what the plan is. Why is opposition to the health care bill rising? Not because conservatives don’t want it; they never did. It’s because liberals are starting to smell the bullshit, and recognize that what they’re trying to foist on us is not reform, but a massive boondoggle, just another way to funnel cash to donors. And make no mistake, all of the interested parties in this disgusting extortion racket we call a health care system have thrown mountains of cash at all of the important Democrats involved. Why, after all have pharmaceutical companies committed to spend hundreds of millions promoting the bill in a disturbing backroom deal with the White House, if it isn’t a simple boondoggle? Why has the AMA, a longstanding opponent of any form of socialized medicine, come out in favor of it?  Because, unfortunately, and despite the constant refrain from the paranoid rednecks, there’s nothing socialist about it. And it might be baffling, if you don’t understand where the real power is in the Party.

Put it this way: After eight years solid of Republicans proving themselves to be dishonest, corrupt and incompetent, what if the Democrats provided universal health coverage and paid for it by taxing the rich? I’ll tell you what: They wouldn’t lose another election for decades. It is actually in the party’s self-interest to do these things. And yet, they don’t. Why? Because there’s one thing even more important to politicians than votes, and that’s money.  Hell, even if Max Baucus loses his next election, his income level will skyrocket, thanks to the profiteers he’s protecting now.

Less than a year ago, Republicans were handed their walking papers, and the national consensus was that they were worse than worthless. And yet they are controlling this debate? With transparent lies and spooky stories-about the kind of health care system that the entire first world enjoys, and nobody seems to regret? Bullshit. Even with the help of Frank Luntz, the GOP’s talking points suck, and could be effectively rebutted-even by Harry Reid, let alone Obama. Health care rationing? Bureaucrats between you and your doctor? Life-saving procedures denied or delayed? All of these are already rampant in the private system. For every isolated horror story the Right can find in Canada or England, there are hundreds in your own neighborhood. And national health care never leaves individuals destitute or with impossible debt.

The Democrats seem to be throwing this thing on purpose. The public option is DOA and was probably always meant to be. And it’s not because they’re wussy or incompetent. It’s because they’re corrupt. It’s because all they are is the sock puppet on the left hand of corporate hegemony. Bribery is legal in this country-we call it campaign finance. That’s why we can’t have a single-payer system, and that’s why this bill devolving into yet another massive theft of taxpayer money was a foregone conclusion. In the end, maybe some poor people will be able to get treatment when they couldn’t before, but only in the weakest, most costly and corrupt way conceivable. And if that’s the only way we can do it, then I guess I’m for it.

Yeah.  What he said.

They’re just corrupt.  Completely corrupt.  And they don’t CARE that they’re looking like pussies, they don’t CARE that nobody will ever vote for them again.    They don’t care.   That’s not their job.

The most important point to take from all of this?   We are utterly irrelevant to them.    We are the opposite of relevant, they go out of their way to ignore what we want.   They get nothing from us.   They give nothing in return.  They literally have nothing to do with us.  

I will never EVER vote for a Democrat again.   EVER.   If I vote at all.  Fuck them from here to hell.  


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    • Inky99 on September 7, 2009 at 10:10

    I really don’t know.

    Maybe for the same reason a dog licks its balls …..

    This country is quite possibly the stupidest country on the face of the earth.

    I really want out of this place.  

    • Heather on September 7, 2009 at 13:41

    Although, I will always vote. Someday there will be someone to vote for instead of against.

  1. I am not going to give some blah blah speak about how this is one of my least fav words unless you are dropping the “c” word. And no it doesn’t matter whether you are a boy or a girl…

    I get the vibe of anger and that you are justified in this anger and that I support you being justified int his anger.

    I am very convinced that you are more creative a wordsmith than this. I am very convinced that you are more powerful than this.

    • dmc on September 7, 2009 at 17:09

    but you’ll vote Democratic again once you get a load of the alternative. Michelle Bachmann as President?

  2. have a nice day….  

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