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First Annual ! Official: “Welcome Home Day”?

Some four decades late, and the Country still in denial about, wants to Officially ‘welcome us home’, eight and nine years after cheering on two more extreme failed policy long running occupations, Still Ongoing, and quickly loosing interest in except when some words and phrases are needed as to political speak, of two innocent countries and peoples and bombing a third {and most here have the audacity to ask “Why do they hate us so?”}!

Want to Really ‘Welcome Us Home!’, Start Sacrificing and give these New War Veterans All That You Promised Them, that which you didn’t give us and the Korean Vets before and since, Pony Up Your End Of The Contract, Everything Promised and Especially Needed as the Results of the Wars you allow, and not only as to the Veterans of but their Families as well !!!

18yrs. Later RIP Navy Pilot Michael “Scott” Speicher

Jacksonville FL. Honored the return and final resting place with a motorcade through the city today.

Remembering Navy Pilot Michael “Scott” Speicher

Speicher’s Best Friend Says Homecoming is ‘Bittersweet’