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Obama and the Derivatives Merchants

Original article, by Glen Ford, via blackagendareport.com:

“…in many respects, working with [Barack Obama] will be very much like working with President Clinton…. I think he will be just fine.”

– Top Obama adviser Robert Rubin, former Clinton Treasury Secretary and Goldman Sachs chair, currently an executive with Citigroup, August 28, 2008.

Yeah…what Trotsky wrote!

Original article, titled Slumps and struggle and subheaded The writings of Leon Trotsky shed light on the complicated relationship between booms, slumps and class struggle, writes John Rees, by John Rees via Socialist Worker (UK):

George Bush’s apocalyptic televised address in the US last week will have signalled the seriousness of this economic crisis – even to those not already aware of it.

Bail-out blackmail

Original article, by Mick Brooks, via Socialist Appeal (UK):

Last week US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson unveiled a dramatic plan to arrest the present financial crisis and prevent future economic catastrophe.

Is This the Stake Through Neoliberalism’s Heart? It Should Be, But …

Original article, by Alexander Cockburn, via counterpunch.com:

Hope walks arm in arm with fear, and so naturally enough Candidate Barack Obama is now reminding us, a la Roosevelt, that we have nothing to fear but fear itself and we must all pull together in a spirit of bipartisanship. Wrong. We have many identifiable things to be frightened of, starting with a bailout program designed to bail out the thieves running our financial system, and stick middle America with the pricetag – heftier than you can imagine. Why pull together with the licensed thug who just stole your money with the pledge that he would be doing it again to your kids?

Trade Politics and the Battle for the Soul of the Democratic Party w/poll

The original article, subheaded The Broken Promises of Neoliberalism, by Mark Engler via counterpunch.com.

Where are we as far as economic policy and the Democratic party, and where are we likely to end up should the Democrats gain control of the White House (as well as extend their majorities in the Senate and House)? What is the effect upon the rank and file of the Democratic Party?

Nick Henck’s “Subcommander Marcos”

This is a review of Nick Henck’s book on Sup Marcos, the military leader of the EZLN, the subversive movement in Mexico.

(Photo from the account of Whodisan215)

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Two biographies of Hugo Chávez

This is a short review of two biographies of Hugo Chávez, current President of Venezuela.

(from Idealterna on Flickr)

Mostly I am interested in comparing and contrasting the two biographical styles.  Marcano and Tyszka are much like journalists, whereas Jones has a somewhat pro-Chávez axe to grind.  In the end I find Jones more straightforward.  I am also interested in depicting Chávez against the background of Venezuelan political economy, in which a rich few garner all of the profits from Venezuela’s enormous oil reserves while the poor majority have in the past found themselves shut out of the benefits in times when the price of crude oil has been high.

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The neoliberalism-shock therapy connection: Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine

This is a review of Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine, a detailed, journalistic history of neoliberalism which emphasizes its connection to “shock therapy,” torture, and other means of tearing down people and society so that they can be rebuilt along the lines of “perfect,” ideological models.  My review differs from others in that it focuses upon a sequential review of important themes and close analysis of key quotes within the book.

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